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1. The St. Andrews u6 program supports the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development Program 

2. Teams will be made up of approximately 8-10 players. Teams could and should combine for the practice portion to gain experience from other players and coaches.

3. Practices should follow guidelines set out in the CSA’s active start module

4. During game play, the maximum number of players on the field is 4 on 4 with no goal keepers.

5. All players on a team should participate for an equal amount of playing time.

6. One coach from each team should be on the field to follow the play and help the players with the rules. A co-coach, team manager or parent can manage the players off the field waiting for their shift. Players waiting for their shift should be sitting down together as a team.

7. The game starts with a kick off.

8. When the ball has crossed the side line on the ground or in the air, the ball should be thrown in. Please take the time to teach proper throw in procedures (ie..both feet on the ground, ball fully behind the player’s head).

9. When the ball goes out of play over the end line, coaches should roll the ball back into play.

10. No offside rule to apply

11. The emphasis should be on fun and skill development.

12. Sessions consist of 30 minutes of drills & practice time, followed by 30 minutes of game play.