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1. The emphasis should be on fun and skill development.

2. All soccer players must be members in good standing with their home soccer association and the Tri-S House League. Players must be registered in an affiliate soccer programs in the Tri S House Soccer league- Petersfield, East Selkirk, Selkirk, St. Andrews & Stonewall.

3. The maximum number of players on the field at any one time (including the goalie) is six. If one team is short, the other team will play an equal number of players; 5 on 5 etc. Play is on a  1/4 size field

4. Duration of the game will be two – 25 minutes halves with a five minute break between halves. The restart of play in the second half is to be taken by the other team. All games scheduled with a 6:30 pm start time are to be completed by 7:25pm (regardless of their start time) if there is a game scheduled to start at 7:30pm. If possible the 2 halves will be of equal length unless time does not permit.

5. All players on a team must participate for an equal amount of total playing time.

6. Substitutions are to be initiated by the team with ball possession at the time of stoppage in play or by any team during an extended stoppage. ie Ball in parking lot, a goal is scored, or injury. Once initiated, any team may then ask for substitution. Substitutions are only allowed after the referee allows it.

7. There shall be no limit to the number of players substituted at any one time. Coaches are responsible for ensuring the proper number of players on the field of play.

8.  If a referee becomes aware of extra players on the field, play will be halted without loss of advantage to the non-offending team. A yellow card will be issued to the coach in cases of repeated offence.

9.  If a goal is scored by a team having too many players on the field of play, the goal shall be disallowed and a yellow card shall be issued to the offending coach.

10. No substitutions shall be allowed within the last two (2) minutes of a half. Substitution shall be permitted during the last two minutes if there is an injury to one of the players on the field.

11. No offside rule to apply.

12. No penalty shots to be taken. Infractions within the crease area against the defensive team would result in an indirect kick from the 12 yard spot. Indirect kick– ball must be passed before a goal is scored.

13. When the goalkeeper has possession of the ball in the crease, all opponents move back 10 yards. The goalkeeper may restart play by placing the ball on the ground and kicking it (place kick), kick it from their hands (punting) or throw the ball from anywhere within the crease.

14. The goalkeeper cannot handle the ball outside the goal crease. This infraction results in an indirect kick from the 12 yard spot directly in front of the midpoint of the goal. 

15. GOALS -No player can play the ball, score within or enter the opponent’s goal crease (6 YARD BOX). An opponent cannot score from a kick taken within the goal area. An infraction to this rule results in a stoppage in play and play restarts with a goal kick. 

16. Should a defending player kick the ball out of the end zone, a corner kick is taken. Should an attacking forward kick the ball out of the end zone, a goal kick is taken.

17. The normal throw-in rules apply with the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines either on the ground or through the air. Referees may instruct in first half and give a rethrow.

18. Any infraction, including handball, should result in an opponent getting an indirect kick from the point of the infraction. Handball should only be whistled on a deliberate attempt to hand the ball.

19. The referee will explain infractions to the offending players. Coaches, managers, team officials and parents will not criticize game officials at any time and will encourage the same attitude amongst all players and supporters.

20. One coach or team official may be on the field of play. Coaches or team officials may not stand or be within the goal area during the course of play or be behind the goal line.

21. All players must wear soccer shin pads and they must be covered by soccer socks. For safety reasons, caps or hats are not allowed to be worn by players during play. All jewelry is to be removed. Stud earrings will be allowed ONLY if they are taped.  Taping of soft (string) friendship bracelets that would have to be cut off is okay.

22. The goal tender must wear a colour that distinguishes them from the rest of the players and the referee. Goalies may wear sweat pants

23. Both team benches are to be situated on the same side of the playing field. Coaches are confined to the area of the player bench and are not allowed across center during the game, unless they are assisting an injured player. All spectators are to be situated on the opposite side of the field from player benches. Referees will delay the start of the match for compliance. Coaches are responsible for this rule to be enforced.

24. All complaints about refs, coaches, players etc. are to be directed to local area reps that then may bring it to the Tri S House Soccer league for discussions and ruling if necessary. Coaches are not to approach a referee– In the case of a ref not showing up it is up to the coaches to agree on a parent/spectator to be the ref for that match. If nobody can be found each coach is to ref 1⁄2 the game unless it is agreed that one refs the whole game.